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Master IPCV

The two-year  Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (EMJMD) in Image Processing and Computer Vision (IPCV) provides specialists in a field of increasing importance in our daily lives. Processing images and videos is essential in domains such as medicine, surveillance, industrial control, remote sensing, e-commerce, automation, etc. IPCV offers theoretical and practical knowledge to form highly-qualified graduates in this field.

Three partner universities, with internationally recognized experience in these domains, have pooled their complementary expertise and developed this master course. The result is a high-quality, strongly recognized, triple Master degree that respects the 120 ECTS syllabus, and is well adapted to job market criteria (read more about career perspectives). All students follow the same course curriculum and spend an entire semester in each university:  
- Semester 1: Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary (PPCU)
- Semester 2: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain (UAM)
- Semester 3: University of Bordeaux, France (UBx)
- Semester 4: Internship in academic laboratory or industries


All applications must be submitted through our online system and meet the given dealine. Paper applications or applications sent by electronic mail will not be taken into account.

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!! Note that you may save every completed page independently and work on the application form at different times BUT you will not be able to change your data after the final submission. All fields marked red cannot be empty. Application form has to be fill in in English. All attachments have to be translated in English, and should be pdf / jpg documents, not exceeding 5 Mb in size. Check your spam folder in case you do not receive immediately our automatic emails. Don't wait the last minute to submit your application form to avoid any technical problem !



Should you face any problem or difficulty stopping you in your application process, do not hesitate to contact us before the given deadline to application-ipcv@u-bordeaux.fr we will try to help you as far as we can. But, please consult our FAQ section and website before sending your e-mail to check if the answer  is not inside !

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